If you follow me on Twitter, you are probably familiar with #FoodBucketList. Some of you have even contributed with suggestion. And let me tell you, it is greatly appreciated.

You see, while training for the Hub City Fitness Quest Championship, my first ever competition, I thought about all the great cheat foods that I just couldn’t wait to eat! After winning the Overall Men’s Physique Championship, I never really followed thru!

What on Earth was I thinking??

I had approximately three weeks to weave those meals in here & there, without completely killing any momentum that I had. But with the taste of victory still in my mouth, I just couldn’t bring myself to conquer the list of wants.

Now, as I train for the Tennessee State Men’s Physique Championship, I’ve decided that I must fit this #foodbucketlist into the fold.

After training for nearly sixty days, this time around, I will only have had one cheat meal. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need them. However, I’m probably a lot more tolerable & easier to get along with when I do have some fun foods.

But not while I’m training to be the best in the state of Tennessee.

So, here’s the #foodbucketlist, this far:

. Kooky Canuck – My all-time favorite restaurant. Hopefully, I’ll be fortunate enough to have another victory celebration there! (btw, have you seen this ad?)

. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Need I say more? Who doesn’t love CTC??

. Big Mac – One of my dirty little secrets is that I’m madly in love with the taste of this burger. Boom. That’s it. Must have.

. Dorritos Tacos Locos – Anytime I hear of a taco shell that tastes like Dorritos, I’m game. I am not a big fan of Taco Bell, but this one has legs. Great idea!

. Fruity Pebbles – No, not because of John Cena, either. Childhood fave.

There are just a few for you. Those are written in stone. They will happen. And Jellybeans & carrot cake go without saying. They are always on the #foodbucketlist.

What do you recommend? What am I missing?? What is on your #foodbucketlist?

Thank you all for reading, sharing & contributing. I’m under #4weeks out from the Mr. Tennessee competition & I feel better than ever.


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