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Posted: July 18, 2012 in #fitnesschallenge
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Time to push a little harder, my friends! I received a huge shipment of products, thanks to USP Labs, yesterday!

Just in time for my final month of Mr. Tennessee training!

Now, those of you who know me & my training at all, know that I’m a big mark for USP Labs. I’m a big fan! Why? Well, it’s quite simple – they are the only supplement company who consistently puts out products that actually work!

PowerFULL is the one that started it all for me. I was hooked!

I once weighed a whopping two hundred & thirty pounds, in a former life! By the time I started my second bottle of PowerFULL, I had dropped fifteen pounds & began to see noticeable differences in my physique! Most notable, bulging veins in my biceps!

Now, don’t get it wrong. I changed everything from what I ate to how I trained. I even changed the way I thought about training. So, hard work along with PowerFULL gives you a boost in natural growth hormone that you need in order to lean out accordingly.

I now rest at only one hundred & eighty-five pounds.

Jack3d is a product that I speak about so often, simply because I am an avid user on a daily basis. Ever wonder how I run six miles a day for twenty-five days in a row? Plus, lifting? Boom! There you go!

Recreate is a great fat cutter to stack with your PowerFULL. Very potent & strong, thus getting you results.

Last in the photo (but in no particular order), you have Yok3d. This is the only supplement that will be new for me. I have never taken Yok3d. However, based on user reviews & my own personal studies, this supplement will help me push thru those grinding weight workouts, after finishing my six miles of cardio.

Pre-workout energy & motivation? Check!

Growth hormone enhancer? Check!

Additional fatigue-fighting, weight-lifting supplement? Check!

Extra-added fat cutter? Check!

Talk about a supplement stack that will help me compete with the best of the best, in the state of Tennessee! I’ve got it all, right here!

Yok3d review will be posted, once I’ve tested the product myself!

Do you take these supplements? Does your review match up with mine? Let me hear about it!

All products were received thru Check them out now!/em>


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