Review: Yok3d

Posted: July 23, 2012 in #fitnesschallenge
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I know it has only been a handful of days, but I’m ready to give my review. When I first started using Jack3d as my pre-workout supplement, I knew immediately that it would become a staple in my everyday routine. It was blatantly obvious.

The same thing will be said out Yok3d.

Immediately, it worked great. But not necessarily in the way that I thought. I didn’t get a rush of adrenaline. It was more like a focused energy that made me want to do more, when it came to lifting. Also, I seemed to notice a greater pump than usual. I felt stronger & able to withstand more lifting than usual.

I’m on schedule with all of my supplements. Especially, my pre-workouts. Why? Simple. They’re very time sensitive & must be taken accordingly.

I take my Jack3d approximately 15-30 minutes prior to my six miles of cardio. However, I have to factor in that my lifting will come afterward and I need an hour & a half for Yok3d to kick in. So, scheduling these out properly is very important.

Preparation is everything.

I feel as though I have started these new supplements just in time for the Tennessee State Competition. I’m more motivated than ever, especially being under #3weeksout. Yok3d & Jack3d will help me push the extra inch every single time I’m in the gym.

I highly recommend using Yok3d.

You can find it at your local Vitamin Shoppe or just go to USP Labs Direct.


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