Review #1: #RAW1000

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Wrestling
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This blog is the first of two reviews that I will write. In this particular column, I want to touch on what I really enjoyed about WWE’s milestone night & its 1,000th episode.

“Blast from the past” is a term that has been exhausted. “Taking a stroll down memory lane” certainly doesn’t do it justice either. For me, the 1,000th episode of Monday Night RAW was much more than some old cliche.

#RAW1000 was remembering exactly what made me want to become a part of the sports entertainment industry.

Call me crazy but #RAW1000 took me back to the days of being a kid & training inside of a barn in Jericho, Arkansas at the age of fifteen. It took me back to the days where a $10 payoff for a night’s work was very much appreciated. Sleeping in my car, struggling, learning, becoming starstruck while meeting & working with the greats that I grew up watching.

Crazy, huh?

There’s a love & a passion that grows deep inside of each and every performer whom starts on the independent scene to earn their stripes & respect. It lives like an addiction inside those of us who really enjoy performing on any stage.

The guys we saw make their grand return, last night, was a great reminder on who paved the way for guys like me.

Let’s talk about the show, shall we?

I’m simply sick of the tired, old DX schtick. But bringing back Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac was a golden touch for me. Those guys helped bring WWE back to the forefront & no one was more deserving to have the opening segment than them.

The big tag team match was star-studded, to say the very least. Each & every one of those guys deserved to be a part of the record-breaking evening. There were no better way to top it off than the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus, picking up the pin fall.

The look-back on GTV & the birth of Mae Young’s hand was certainly interesting. Nice touch to revisit a few of the more controversial stories in WWE’s RAW history.

It was great to see Bret Hart back inside a WWE ring. I only wish there was a little more for him to do. It was a nice touch having one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time play a small part in the Championship match. And by the way, The Miz continues to make history with his Triple Crown title win.

By the way, did I ever tell the story of how I almost had to change my hairstyle at a WWE booking, simply because it was too similar to Miz’s?

Hunter, Brock, Heyman & Stephanie did a great job bringing star power to this historical night. Stephanie has such a natural anger about her. She’s so real & so good. Heyman is the best in the business. And the two stars, Triple H & Brock Lesnar are sure to deliver at SummerSlam.

The Rock, John Cena & CM Punk topped the show off better than anyone could have ever imagined. Punk is the best, right now. And he continues to prove it. After last night’s #RAW1000, he is the star of the entire company… And the entire sports entertainment world.

Who would have ever thought that a guy like CM Punk would be carrying the WWE on his back? Who would’ve thought he would be doing it successfully? Those of you saying that you always knew he would – you’re lying. I never doubted his skill. However, I doubted WWE granting him the opportunity to do it.

Great surprises for me certainly included Sean Mooney. Who doesn’t remember the days of Coliseum Home Video? I’ll go on record to say that I’d much rather see Mooney than Mike Adamle any time or any day of the week.

AJ becoming RAW General Manager has me scratching my head. The wedding itself did the same. But to see The Rock interacting with Daniel Bryan was huge for him. Add in the fact that Bryan is getting the rub from Charlie Sheen & you’d have to agree that Daniel Bryan’s stock has risen considerably over the last 24 hours.

Video packages were brilliant. They really did show the history of Monday Night RAW. Although, someone will always be left out, WWE did a tremendous job, as always.

Even Michael Cole showed his true value with the work that he did. Story-telling & legitimizing the sport like any other is what he’s supposed to do. Last night, love him or hate him, he did it.

What am I missing? What are your thoughts?

Tomorrow, I’ll come from a different perspective. You will not want to miss it.

  1. Jim says:

    Good stuff, Dustin. I never got into DX because they took the WWE down a dark path that took the sport away from being family entertainment.

  2. DrGizmore says:

    No Hogan? What was his masked name…Mr. America? That was disappointing. I would have loved to see Shane O’Mac aside from being in video pkg. I understand Austin is recovering from surgery, and that is why he couldn’t be there. But the APA was awesome! And so was Billy Gunn!

    • Dustin Starr says:

      Yeah, nice to see APA!

      I’m going to give my second review tomorrow & discuss what I thought was missing or could’ve been done! Hogan is on the list!

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