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Posted: August 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As many of you know, I’ve put most of my time & focus into physique competitions, this year. I haven’t been in the ring for quite some time. Sporting events have also been placed on the back-burner. I’ve set everything aside in order to give one hundred & ten percent on the task at hand – competing in the Tennessee State National Qualifying contest.

Once this contest is all said & done, be on the lookout for more appearances than ever.

But why?

Plain & simple – because of you.

I can not even begin to tell you how many messages I receive via Facebook, Twitter, email, text & Instagram. I receive messages from those who need help with health, fitness & nutrition. I get messages simply sharing experiences of success with weight loss or just simply life successes. Messages that tell me how inspired one has become because of my posts & sharing of photos might be my favorites.

I love receiving any sort of feedback from you. Your feedback, your stories & your trials & tribulations inspire me to keep going. They inspire me to work harder. Simply put…

You inspire me to do bigger & better things.

Corny? Probably. But the fact of the matter is, when I started this journey at such a young age, I was told that it couldn’t be done. I was told how crazy I was & how absurd it was to chase my dreams. I’m a stubborn guy, to say the very least. So, the nay-sayers have fueled my motivation for years & years.

Now, your messages & words of encouragement fuel a different kind of motivation. If I can do it, you can too.

I respond to as many of your messages as I possibly can. Very few go unanswered. I’m very easy to get a hold of.

Once the Tennessee State Men’s Physique Championship is complete, I will take a look at many of the appearances that I have been offered. I can not promise anything just yet, but you will be seeing me at many more events, in the near future.

If you have an event that you would like for me to appear at, shoot me an email & we can certainly discuss it.

I look forward to being a part of charity events, personal appearances, training seminars, possibly a little wrestling & even opportunities that I have never thought about before.

Don’t blink. Time flies. I’m ready for more.

Thank you for reading. And thank you all for the inspiration & motivation.


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