I can not begin to tell you how excited I am to officially be #1weekout from the Tennessee State Men’s Physique Championship! I feel great! I feel ready! I feel better than last show!

I just hope that my trainer, Del Rios, thinks so, too!

Today, I’m in Jackson , Tennessee to train at Maximum Fitness & get my final check-in with Del.

With only one week remaining, any changes that may be needed should be put in place right now. Trimming the diet, manipulating my fluids or simply changing my training routine – this is our absolute last chance to alter the strategy to compete for victory.

Last word I received was to watch my size. I feel as if I’m going into this contest slightly larger than the last. Good, bad or indifferent, Del’s brutal honesty will put the situation into perspective for me.

I will update you all on my visit, once it has been completed.

Food for thought: it’s great to walk into Maximum & see newspaper clippings like the ones I’ve shared in this blog. We are looking for a repeat performance of the headline, “Team Rios Dominates.”

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