Only one cardio session left. Thirty minutes away from completing the training for my second fitness competition ever. Boy, does it feel good.

II’m checking items off of the list left & right… I’m almost finished.

Everything down the list has been taken care of, with the exception of my competition tan. That goes down later this evening.

My visit with Donny & Sara at Creation Studios went as well as I could have ever imagined. Such a professional group of folks, they were on top of their game for our fitness magazine cover shoot.

It still hasn’t really sunk in that I am going to be on the cover of a magazine!

I can not wait to share those images with you all. Donny really captured some excellent photos, as well as putting a little more confidence in me as I head into the final hours before show time. He directed me well & shot me even better.

A big thank you goes out to Creation Studios. Just wait until you see them.

I’ll be posting a few behind-the-scenes photos that I captured while I was there.

Tonight, I will be packing for my trip to Cookeville, TN. Packing – meaning – food prep for the next two days. Everything that goes into my system had to be prepped in my own kitchen.

I’ll check in tomorrow from the road.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter & Instagram (@dustinstarr)to see photos & updates in real time.

(Picture: Donny from Creation Solutions prepares to shoot me for the fitness magazine cover! Follow them on Instagram @Creation_Solutions.)



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