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Posted: August 17, 2012 in Fantasy Football
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It’s almost that time, again! I look forward to it each & every season! Call me a nerd, but NFL Football makes my quality of life so much better & more fun!

Fun? How could you possibly have fun during the NFL season, while living in Memphis? It’s not like we have a team or anything!

Or do we?
The hometown team for me is the defending Fantasy Football Champions of the world – my Miami Five Start!

That’s right! Not only is my team defending Champions but we are a former two-time Fantasy Football Champions! Not to mention, runner-up in another season. Three out of four years isn’t too shabby!

This season should be especially entertaining for the mere fact that there are so many unknowns in the NFL already. Such as:

– Will Peyton Manning return to his legendary form that he once was?
– How about the Andy Dalton’s & Cam Newton’s of the league? Heading into their second seasons, will they deliver or slump?
– Mike Vick? Enough said.
– Running backs? Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Ryan Matthews… The list goes on. Especially, the backs who were finally granted their big contracts!
– Wide receivers…

You know what? Let’s stop there. Every year something new & surprising happens. Will I be able to make the proper choices & score big on the draft? Typically, I do well. But sometimes my heart overpowers my brain.

Note to self: don’t be a homer. Do not draft any Dolphins!

Next Saturday, we gather for the Memphis Football League fantasy football draft.

And I can’t wait!

We will be unveiling the official MFL trophy! I’ll be posting it right here for you all to see!

In the meantime, who’s your number one draft pick??

  1. Harold Loeblein says:

    He is not my pick but Vince Young is trying to win the number 2 QB spot in the New England Pats. He did just ok when he was in the game. Not great or anything special but ok. I would need to know a lot more before I joined up and played. From what I saw, QB Luck looked very good. My heart is with the St. Louis Rams but don’t know a single player on the team. Dallas always disappoints me. I still think they need a new QB. What little news is leaking out, Payton looks like the old Payton but he hasn’t take a real hard hit yet.

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