SummerSlam | Cena or Punk?

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Wrestling
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Tonight is the night that WWE presents its “Biggest Party of the Summer!” Live from Los Angeles, California is WWE SummerSlam!

SummerSlan has always been billed & presented as one of the “big three” in terms of pay-per-views annually for the company. Typically, it lives up to the hype…

And this year, there’s plenty to live up to!

With quite a few high-profile matches on the card, it appears as though most of us are concerned with the WWE Championship match. CM Punk defends his Championship against The Big Show & John Cena in a triple threat match.

Now, I’m not a big fan of the ole “three way dance”, especially considering that Big Show is the third-wheel. I personally think he’s there to take the heat for a John Cena or CM Punk loss.

But who’s it going to be??

Will the WWE, along with the entire WWE Universe having Punk’s back, finally put Punk in another high-profile position with a win tonight? Thus, thrusting him into a Title defense against The Rock at the Royal Rumble in January? Or will we see Super Cena defy the odds one more time, become WWE Champion for a 12th & have his long-awaited rematch with The Rock?

So many scenarios come into play here. But my questions is simply:

Does the WWE think CM Punk is a big enough draw to go one on one with The Rock?

I’m pulling for Punk. Although, Cena is still the biggest draw for WWE & doesn’t look to be fading anytime soon.

What if Punk wins? He goes on to lose to The Rock at Royal Rumble. Then, the newly crowned WWE Champion, The Rock, goes on to defend a few months later in the biggest rematch in WrestleMania history.

What if Cena wins? Does he drop the title to The Rock at Rumble? Of course not. That pushes Rock out of WrestleMania, in my opinion. What happens at ‘Mania, then?

What are your thoughts? Do you have any other scenarios? Post them here!

I’ll be enjoying the show with friends, fans & family alike at Buffalo Wild Wings in Olive Branch. Be sure to come say hello!


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