Fantasy Draft Lottery Completed

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Fantasy Football
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The Coaches of the Memphis Football League now know where they stand in Saturday’s fantasy draft! With each division evenly aligned, as far as experience is concerned, it will be interesting to see what transpires.

Who will Randy draft with his #1 overall draft pick? Who will lead his Scranton Dunder Mifflins into their inaugural fantasy football season?

With each team entered into the drawing, it was a production in itself with each name drawn. We all had fun & actually anticipated each name being read.

I will be drafting #6 overall for my defending Championship team, the Miami Five Starr.

There’s no place I would rather be than placed in the middle of the pack. In my eyes, there’s not one single clear-cut pick that should go #1. With so many good players out there, I’m confident that I can build a very competitive team. Especially, with experience on my side.

In a year where Maurice Jones-Drew & Adrian Peterson aren’t top ten picks… or possibly not even first round picks, it’ll leave many confused on where to go next. This is where mistakes happen.

The official Memphis Football League draft order is as follows:

(Some team names are sure to change.)

#1: Scranton Dunder Mifflins
#2: Team Needham
#3: The Scuba Squad
#4: Byhalia Mustangs
#5: Team Chizz
#6: Miami Five Starr
#7: Team Ria
#8: Gotham City Hitmen
#9: Arkansas Razorbacks
#10: Team Scooby
#11: Team FASH
#12: Richard’s Robots

Follow them on Twitter to get updates on their teams, as well as what foods they eat on a regular basis.

I’m only joking.

Or am I?

Happy drafting for all of our Coaches & those of you who also have drafts this weekend!

(Picture: Making the announcement, “And with the #1 overall pick in the 2012-2013 Memphis Football League fantasy draft is…”)

  1. Harold Loeblein says:

    How many players can you draft? How often can you change players? Are you limited to what positions you pick? Does defense come into play? Same all season of can you change it. Can you post the rules? Probably ten to twenty more questions. Don’t know why but I keep getting this huge urge to help a team. NO, it is not the Miami team for sure. My aim would be to defeat that Miami team starting with the first week 🙂 I bet nobody would pick who would be my #1 pick in the first round. At least I am sure he is going to be on a team and not cut. No, his name is not Tom — Hal

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