Wildest Draft Ever!

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Fantasy Football
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The title says it all! What an incredible draft it was for the Memphis Football League! Maybe we can blame it on a full moon? Or perhaps, we could simply chalk it up as inexperienced coaches reaching for the players they are fans of.

Austin Lane, the Coach of his Arkansas Razorbacks, at one pointed asked if the picks on the draft board were actually correct.

That’s when you know something has gone a little hey-wire!

Folks, let me back up my theory, here. I was able to draft the #1 ranked fantasy football player in the entire NFL in the #6 draft position!

Aaron Rodgers will help my Miami Five Starr successfully defend our Fantasy Football Championship! Especially, considering the fact that he’s going to be throwing to Greg Jennings, whom I also drafted to compliment Rodgers!

Need more evidence of the wildest draft ever?

Peyton Manning was selected #2 overall by Team Needham. Manning was drafted before Ray Rice, Calvin Johnson, Aaron Rodgers & so many others that it would hurt your feelings.

And if that wasn’t enough, even Brandon Stokley was drafted. For those of you not in the know – Stokley wasn’t even projected in this year’s NFL reviews.

Several teams did have strong drafts. Along with myself, Team Ria, the Gotham City Hitmen & the Razorbacks seemed to have a pretty solid team. We shall see how the season shakes out.

This week, in preparation for the upcoming season, we will release images of the Memphis Football League Championship Trophy that one lucky Coach will be awarded at the end of the season.

I’m clearing space on my mantel already.

(Pictured: The Jumbo Bringle Draft Board! We will watch many games on that screen, this season!)


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