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Posted: September 7, 2012 in #fitnesschallenge
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This week, I received my USP Labs package in the mail. I couldn’t have been more excited. Inside that package were two products that I have been waiting to try since they were released – Jack3d Micro & Test Powder.

As always, I am here to give you all my first-hand review!

It’s too early to give my review on Test Powder. However, Jack3d Micro is a different story in itself.

Yesterday, I fueled up with two full scoops of Micro approximately twenty-five minutes before training. My timing seemed to be perfect, as I began to feel the effects before I ever started my three-mile run, followed by training my chest. The “Jack3d effect” was a little different than the original product generally gives.

Allow me to explain:

Those of you who have taken traditional Jack3d know that you will start feeling the effects with tingling around your lips. From there, the energy begins to burn & fuel the exercises that you’re doing. Awesome product, indeed.

With Micro, the effects are a little different. Instead of my lips tingling, I began to feel somewhat of a “glowing” effect. And by “glowing”, I do not mean literally. I felt a sensation throughout my entire body, which then began to fuel my run. From there, it seemed to get a little more intense, helping train chest to the point of exhaustion.

I was a little cautious, at first, admittedly. I had heard a few stories from sources that go up & down on their supplement thoughts, without consistency.

Do not listen to the nay-sayers.

This is coming from a guy that literally does cardio every single day. I highly recommend Jack3d Micro. Especially, if you are a fan of the original Jack3d.

My review on Test Powder might take a little longer, as it takes more time to enter the system than Jack3d. I will tell you this – so far, so good – Test Powder tastes great!

Check back soon & thanks for reading!

(Photo: Excited to finally test out Jack3d Micro! Get your own at USP Labs Direct)


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