History of the Mid-South Fair

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Wrestling
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Since 1856, the Mid-South Fair has been a staple for yearly entertainment & fun amongst families all across the South. Although it has been relocated to DeSoto County, just across the Mississippi state line, it also received a major update in location & venue. Landers Center (formerly known as DeSoto Civic Center) is their new home & will be rocking & rolling come Friday night!

My memories of the Mid-South Fair as a Memphian & as a child certainly include professional wrestling.

But why?

Shelby County Schools (in Memphis & surrounding areas) always had a designated day off for nearly all schools in order for us to attend the Fair. It was like an extra holiday! Not only were we able to get out of school for a day, but we also were able to attend a long, usually hot & humid, day of fun amongst thousands of other families from all over the South.

We played games, rode all of the rides, attended concerts & you got it – we were treated to the best wrestling in the world.

USWA/Memphis Wrestling, along with Jerry “The King” Lawler were always on hand for extra entertainment. Memories from these wrestling events certainly impacted my passion & desire to be a performer in the sports entertainment industry.

I have photos & memories of meeting “The King” at the Fair almost every single year. Whether it is a photo of my family & I holding Lawler’s Championship & crown or merely an autographed photo & handshake – those memories are burned into my mind forever.

Years & years later, I was fortunate enough to actually perform at the legendary Mid-South Fair. I remember working with Flex (known from his Too Cool 2 stint with Memphis Wrestling) & just being in awe at actually being given the opportunity to be there.

Coincidentally, the man booking this year’s event at the Fair, was a man that I really grew to admire & respect back then at the same event. Not to mention, the other coincidence is the rumor that Jerry Lawler himself will be making an appearance Friday night & Saturday afternoon at the Mid-South Fair.

Ring rust or not, having been out of the ring for nearly one full year, I’m as excited as ever about my return.

This event has so much history, not only in this area, but to me & so many others and their families. I look forward to seeing you all there!

For more information about tickets & show times, please visit LandersCenter.com


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