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Posted: June 4, 2013 in #fitnesschallenge, Training Files, USPLabs
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20130604-172639.jpgHere’s a short, intense ab routine that could be done anywhere. At the gym, at home or anywhere you could lay down and have a little room.  All equipment used in these exercises are very simple and inexpensive.


Crunches: I like to do burnout sets on crunches. Hands behind your head & crunch. Keep the pressure off of your back & focus on abs only. Three or four set to failure does the trick every time.

Leg Lifts: You can either lay down or hang and do these. Be sure to focus on your lower abs. These are supposed to be hard. If they aren’t, change your positioning. Four sets of 10-15.

Ab Roller: For core strength & ab conditioning, you’ll love these. They are very hard but be sure to stretch them out as far as you can go, then bring them all the way back in to your knees. Four sets of 10.

Ab Ball: Many people like the ab ball. You can use these for crunches, as well as crunches for your sides & obliques. You can either go to failure or four sets of 15-25.

These are just a few options for ab workouts for those of us in a crunch for time. Choose your exercise & get to it!

See you at the NPC Jr. Nationals on June 15th!



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