Review | Jack3d Advanced Formula

Posted: August 7, 2013 in #fitnesschallenge, USPLabs
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20130807-102959.jpg USPlabs posted it best their Official Facebook Page:

First sip of Fruit Punch USPlabs Jack3d Advanced Formula… That taste, the tingle, the smell of cold iron, and personal records about to be smashed…”

That’s right, ladies & gentlemen.  It’s back!  And it’s back & better than ever!

My official review is going to be short, sweet & to the point.  The best way I can describe Jack3d Advanced Formula is by having you all think back to several years ago.

Remember when you were first introduced to Jack3d?  Remember how you felt?  The tingle, the taste, the energy rush that takes over your body as you get more and more fierce during your training – do you remember that?

Do you remember having to only take one scoop of Jack3d?  Anything else you tried, you would have to take multiple servings in order to feel remotely close to the reaction that Jack3d gave you.  Well, I’m a preworkout expert at this point.  And I’ll be honest, I’ve taken everything under the sun.  Nothing matched the feeling that Jack3d gave me…

Until now.

Folks, Advanced Formula is the real deal.  One scoop is all I had.  One scoop is all I needed.  That one scoop of Jack3d Advanced Formula took me back to several years ago with the tingle, the taste & the rush of adrenaline.  Now, I’m hooked.  Two thumbs up from yours truly.

Don’t take my word for it – try it yourself.  Click here to order & read up on the review of the brand new USPlabs Jack3d Advanced Formula.




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