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The title says it all! What an incredible draft it was for the Memphis Football League! Maybe we can blame it on a full moon? Or perhaps, we could simply chalk it up as inexperienced coaches reaching for the players they are fans of.

Austin Lane, the Coach of his Arkansas Razorbacks, at one pointed asked if the picks on the draft board were actually correct.

That’s when you know something has gone a little hey-wire! (more…)



The Coaches of the Memphis Football League now know where they stand in Saturday’s fantasy draft! With each division evenly aligned, as far as experience is concerned, it will be interesting to see what transpires.

Who will Randy draft with his #1 overall draft pick? Who will lead his Scranton Dunder Mifflins into their inaugural fantasy football season?



The Memphis Football League is gearing up & ready to go! With twelve teams & coaches committed, the league draft should be as interesting as ever!

Our draft isn’t until Saturday afternoon. But we are so excited about the upcoming football season that we are going to take the festivities one step further!

Thursday night, the coaches will all come together for the Memphis Football League Fantasy Draft Lottery! (more…)