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Tonight is the night that WWE presents its “Biggest Party of the Summer!” Live from Los Angeles, California is WWE SummerSlam!

SummerSlan has always been billed & presented as one of the “big three” in terms of pay-per-views annually for the company. Typically, it lives up to the hype…

And this year, there’s plenty to live up to! (more…)



This blog is the first of two reviews that I will write. In this particular column, I want to touch on what I really enjoyed about WWE’s milestone night & its 1,000th episode.

“Blast from the past” is a term that has been exhausted. “Taking a stroll down memory lane” certainly doesn’t do it justice either. For me, the 1,000th episode of Monday Night RAW was much more than some old cliche.

#RAW1000 was remembering exactly what made me want to become a part of the sports entertainment industry. (more…)