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Maria gets slimed

Emcee of Memphis Redbirds Maria Garay gets slimed by Nickelodeon host at AutoZone Park.

Maria Garay, emcee for the Memphis Redbirds, was slimed by Nickelodeon television host Jeff Sutphen

Maria was on field announcing Nickelodeon’s involvement in tomorrow’s Redbirds home game, when all of a sudden Stuphen emptied a bucket of the famous green slime onto her head.

Jeff Sutphen hosts Figure It Out, an American children’s game show that airs on Nickelodeon.

Maria was excited to be a part of the promotion.  I mean, who hasn’t always wanted to be slimed by Nickelodeon?

Watch the video here.


MSL LIveIn case you missed it live, my lovely girlfriend Maria & I guest co-hosted the #3 sports radio show in Memphis on Saturday morning.


We recapped the week’s big stories during the Starting 5 (with Five Starr & Maria), Marcus Hunter joined the program to talk about the success that his favorite teams are having & we even went into full detail on the 2013 M Awards.  Maria & I had a few changes we would like to have added to the awards, this year.

Also on the show, of course we did Hang Up & Listen, where fellow pro wrestler & rival of mine, Derrick King, decided to call in and challenge me in the ring.  Later, Kevin Cerrito would join the program for WooHoo’s & Boos.

And don’t forget, we had a full interview with first-time guest & Memphis Wrestling legend The Spellbinder.  During the interview, I even made the official announcement of which NPC contest I’ll be competing in next.

We had a great time & certainly look forward to another “hostile takeover” of MSL.  Big thanks to the boys for giving us the opportunity to speak to the people of Memphis!