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20130821-161624.jpgHOUR 1:

(Segment 1) Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter recaps the week’s big stories during the Starting 5.
(Segment 2) Shenanigans.
(Segment 3) SEC Shout Outs

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(Segment 1) Hang Up & Listen. (audio missing)
(Segment 2 & 3) Dustin Starr talks winning back to back TN State Men’s Physique Championships, Corey Maclin, gay wrestlers, and more during his monthly pro wrestling report. Plus, Woohoos and Boos.

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From left: CJ, Drew, McCleskey, Hulkster, Marcus & his daughter, DStarr & Cerrito.

Team Hang Up & Listen competed in the 8th Annual Dodge THIS! Tournament benefiting Youth Villages, this past Saturday afternoon at Wellworx Sports Complex in Memphis.  Teams of all ages came out to have fun and help a great cause, at the same time.  What an event it was.

Team Hang Up & Listen made it all the way to the Final Four before being eliminated.

As Dodge THIS! was taking place, MSL was live on the radio.  Giving updates as the tournament took place, MSL Host Kevin Cerrito took calls from CJ Hurt & Marcus Hunter.  Listen to what they had to say by clicking here.

You can follow each member of Hang Up & Listen on Twitter.  See what they had to say as the tournament took place:  CJ, Drewskie, McCleskey, Hulkster, Marcus, DStarr & Cerrito.

Listen to MSL: 8.3.13

Bill DundeeOne of my childhood favorites that I have been very fortunate to work with and get to know during my wrestling career, “SuperStar” Bill Dundee has launched his brand new website.

Click here to check it out.

On the site, you can find out about upcoming events, appearances, Bill’s autobiography & even order old school Bill Dundee products & memorabilia.

The image shown is from one of Bill’s classic T-Shirts you can order on the site.  Dundee will personalize any order with an autograph.

I have a quick Bill Dundee story that I will never, ever forget.  It was Lawler v Dundee at the Mid-South Coliseum.  And to us Memphis Wrestling fans, Lawler v Dundee was like Rock v Austin.  It didn’t get any bigger than that.

I was walking thru the concourse of the Coliseum with my parents (I was maybe 10 years old) when we ran into “The SuperStar” himself.  I was star-struck (pun intended).  I couldn’t speak.  Bill spoke to my parents before turning his attention to me.  I was wearing an old Jerry “The King” Lawler T-Shirt.

Bad timing.

Bill looked right at me and asked, “Boy… where the hell did you get that shirt?”

Years later, I would step in the ring with Bill Dundee.  Stop by his website & order some merch.  Believe me, he’s a legend that’s definitely worth getting the fan’s support.


Maria & DustinHOUR 1:

(Segment 1) Kevin Cerrito and Marcus Hunter recap the week’s big stories during the Starting 5.

(Segment 2) Johnny Radio goes on the roof of Flinn Broadcasting to negotiate with roofers. Ole Miss Athletics hosts and Memphis Redbirds field emcee Maria Garay calls in with her first SEC Gossip Report.

(Segment 3) The debut of Chuck Roberts or Marshall Henderson Trivia.


(Segment 1) Hang Up & Listen.

(Segment 2) Dustin Starr talks Jimmy Snuka, Ultimate Warrior, Jerry Lawler, and more during his monthly pro wrestling report.

(Segment 3) Woohoos and Boos.

Listen to the show in its entirety by clicking HERE.  Be sure to post your comments to the site, as well.

Memphis Flyer

The Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis 2013 voting is underway.  The power to vote for all of your favorites in Memphis is now in your hands.

All categories have a write-in option, so it is possible for anyone to win.  Also, many categories include a drop-down menu with nomination choices for you to choose from. 

(Remember you must fill out 50% of the ballot for it to count)  

I’m was excited to learn that MemphiSport & MSL are both nominated for a number of categories.  So, be sure to vote for us!

In fact, here’s a sneak peek at how my ballot looks:

Best Sports Radio Show: MemphiSport Live
Best Local Radio Talk Show:  MemphiSport Live
Best TV Sportscaster: Marcus Hunter
Best Local Website:
Best Twitter: @MemphiSport, @DustinStarr, @MariaGaray, @cerrito, @MHUNTER_FOX13, @GregAkers or @Stuicide (Take your pick!)

There’s a little guide to help you vote for the MemphiSport team that I am so proud to be a part of.  Cast your vote.  Let the world know who the Best in Memphis really is.


Dustin Starr & Maria Garay make a grand entrance for Memphis Wildfire Wrestling.

Last night’s action was hotter than ever at Memphis Wildfire Wrestling.  None of the action was hotter than Wildfire’s power couple themselves – Dustin Starr & the lovely Maria Garay.

Starr claims that they “put the FIRE in Wildfire.”

Exclusive video footage has been posted to Instagram for the entire world to see.  In fact, Maria actually shot Instagram video footage live, in the middle of the ring.

Take a look at their grand entrance by clicking here.

Be sure to stay abreast on all of the photos & action from the June 27th Wildfire event on Facebook.

Wildfire June

Tonight! Tonight!! TONIGHT!!!

Place: Boston Baptist Church
Time: 7PM
Cost: Only $10 (helps with church fundraiser)

For more detailed information, go HERE.