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The 2012 NPC Tennessee State Bodybuilding Championship has come & gone. And what an event it was.

Competitors, men & women alike, from all over the Volunteer State gathered to battle it out for the prestigious title of becoming State Champion, as well as the opportunity to test their physiques on a National stage.

As the smoke cleared… and the dust settled… the Champions were crowned. (more…)


Prejudging is complete! Now, it’s time to… Wait. That’s right! Now, we just wait for the evening show to see where we all stand.

This year’s NPC Tennessee State Championship is very, very competitive.



I woke up at 5:30AM to prepare for the big day ahead! It is finally here! All of the hard work, sacrifices, sweat & pain culminates during the NPC Tennessee State Championship!

We are literally headed to the building, as I type this.


Only one cardio session left. Thirty minutes away from completing the training for my second fitness competition ever. Boy, does it feel good.

II’m checking items off of the list left & right… I’m almost finished.


What a day! Even so close to competition day, things keep getting even more interesting! Instead of slowing down, they’re speeding up faster than ever!

I received some very big news today!



What a busy week this has been. Yes, I understand that it is only Tuesday. But with a short week, I have to make sure that everything gets completed for my competition, as well as my regular, everyday activities.

These next four days will not only be busy… But they will also be very rewarding.



Time is ticking. I’m not a bit nervous. I’m only trying to prepare myself for the long days ahead. Game days are always the longest, most dreadful days.

Two-a-days started yesterday. I take them one step at a time.