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It’s the start of September & time for another 30 Day Challenge! Back to school can be very hectic on your family, that’s why Ronda Race is here to help with her calendar for School House Rock Hard Abs.

Take a look at the photo for day by day details on exercises. For more details on the challenge, go check her out on Facebook.

Also, be sure to follow Ronda on Instagram.




Happy Freebie Friday! Not only do we get out first official look at the brand new USPlabs Jack3d tshirt, but we get the opportunity to actually win one.

Entering for the opportunity to win is very simple. Just go to USPlabs Official Facebook & Twitter pages for details.

Best of luck! You could be the first person in your gym to walk in with your brand new USPlabs gear.

Don’t fret if you do not win. Jack3d tshirt a will be available to purchase very soon at USPlabs Direct.